Davids Poem

Dies ist ein Gedicht von einem Freund, er schrieb es für und über mich.

Beautiful like the fall,

Deep hazel eyes that tell the neverending story of life,
The flowing hair,
like the soft wind blowing though the trees,
Free of all care.
The gentle voice,
that sooths the savage beast into a new beginning.
A new dawn into an era of sheer elegance and grace.
Understanding with wisdom beyond her years,
Keeping me warm like a rearing fire,
Curled up talking about the past and the future,
Talking about hopes, dreams and desires.
Lips red like a majestic sunset calling the world to a calm.
A character and personalitiy full of confidence,
Proud, with no trace of vanity.
Untouched by the coruption of the world,
Innocent and sweet,
Words on the tip of her tongue,
Ready to make you smile and laugh.
Inspireing confidence in every move,
She sends out a vibe of love and hope.
Putting courage into the hearts of men.

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